Version 7.0

document-detector: 7.0.1

1 July 2024

Fixed an error in the .podspec file found in the previous version 7.0.0 that prevented the implementation of the SDK on the iOS platform.

document-detector: 7.0.0

27 June 2024


  • New AI for smart capture, based on analyzing the framing of documents.

  • Similarity between what is being shown on the screen camera and the captured/analyzed photo.

  • New design and capture experience.


  • Changed default resolution to Full HD.

  • Changed default values used to compress pictures.

  • Removed audio playback at the beginning of the capture.

  • New UI/UX.

Breaking Changes

Important: due to the nature of the changes in this version, several breaking changes have occurred. To ensure a smooth transition and take full advantage of the new features, we strongly recommend that you review the updated product documentation. You can access the complete and updated documentation here.


  • Removed DetectionSettings and QualitySettings from CaptureStages.

  • Removed HD camera resolution.

  • Removed layout customization options.


  • Changed minimum deployment target from 11.0 to 12.0.

  • Added TensorFlowLite library dependency.

  • Changed camera resolution options to Full HD and Ultra HD.

  • Removed layout customization options.

Version 6.0


20 April 2024


SDK update: we have updated DocumentDetector from v7.2.4 to v7.2.5, improving security and some fixes.


SDK update: we have updated DocumentDetector from v8.1.4 to v8.1.6, improving security and some fixes.


  • Customizing document illustrations in the initial popup.


19 March 2024



  • Performance improvements.

  • Visual improvements.


  • Preview issues on Android 14.

  • Crashes in the ANY document type.


15 Feb 2024

  • Changed: document compression quality uploads

  • Fix: low quality images upload flow


10 Feb 2024

  • Changed: document identification on the upload flow

  • Changed: handling of metadata in pdf files

  • Changed: consumption record tracking

  • Fix: api timeout issue on upload

  • Fix: pdf upload conversion

  • Fix: maximum file size message and validation on upload flow

  • Fix: back button function from upload flow


8 Feb 2024

  • Fix: Pdf file upload quality (the resolution of the upload needed to be fixed, we improve the quality for this latest release) - iOS

  • Fix: get current keyWindow to present the SDK - iOS

document-detector-v6.2.1, document-detector-compatible-v6.2.1

9 Jan 2024

  • Fix: SDK crashing in some devices with Android API lower than 26 - Android.

  • Changed: Document capture default resolution to .hd1920x1080 - iOS.

  • Fix: SDK result image URL output

document-detector-v6.2.0, document-detector-compatible-v6.2.0

23 Nov 2023

  • Changed: Sentry library was removed.

  • Fix: document picture taken with Manual capture.

  • Fix: SDK environment configuration.

document-detector-v6.1.4, document-detector-nosentry-v6.1.4, document-detector-compatible-v6.1.4

16 Oct 2023

  • Fixed: loading screen when disabling the initial informational popup - Android.

  • Fixed: Camera start delay - iOS.

document-detector-v6.1.2, document-detector-nosentry-v6.1.2, document-detector-compatible-v6.1.2

6 Sept 2023

  • Enhancement: Code Obfuscation.

  • Enhancement: General improvements.

face-authenticator-v3.13.0, face-authenticator-nosentry-v3.14.0

  • Enhancement: Code Obfuscation.

  • Enhancement: General improvements.

  • Changed: compileSdkVersion to API 33.

document-detector-v6.0.0, document-detector--nosentry-v6.0.0

31 July 2023

  • New: CIN (Carteira Nacional de Identidade) document support (new Brazilian RG document).

  • New: New and improved back-end API.

  • New: New method .setStage(CafStage stage). Use it to change the SDK environment to beta or prod.

  • New: Added loading icon after a document is captured.

  • Enhancement: Added security countermeasures and performance improvements.

  • Enhancement: Code obfuscation.

  • Enhancement: The SDK initialization time has been optimized.

  • Fixed: Correction of some typos and misspellings.

  • Changed: The minimum compileSdkVersion is 33.

  • Breaking Changes: The imageUrl: SDK param result have been changed from https://gtw-<environment>-common... to https://sdks-api-<environment>

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