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The DocumentDetector SDK is designed for capturing identity documents, such as the Brazilian General Registry (RG), Drivers License (CNH), National Foreigner Registry (RNE), Passport and other identity documents, ensuring high quality and accuracy in documentary data extraction. By integrating our smart camera with automatic capture and document detection into your app, you can eliminate poor quality or unwanted photos during onboarding.

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The FaceLiveness SDK uses smart cameras to capture reliable selfies of your users with artificial intelligence, detecting and rejecting photo and video spoofing attempts. It's ideal for secure and seamless onboarding processes.

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The FaceAuth SDK enables face matching with liveness detection, ideal for secure login flows or high-value financial transactions.

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Deprecated SDKs


The deprecated PassiveFaceLiveness SDK provides similar functionality to FaceLiveness, using smart cameras and AI to capture reliable selfies and detect spoofing attempts.

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FaceAuthenticator Deprecated

The deprecated FaceAuthenticator SDK provides similar functionality to the current FaceAuthenticator, enabling face matching with liveness detection for secure authentication processes.

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The AddressCheck SDK (deprecated) helps verify if your user lives at the reported address.

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