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Getting started

Set up a Workflow

Access the Trust Platform and then the Workflow Builder. For the moment, we only have one KYB flow template available. Select the pre-configured template and proceed with creating the Workflow.

Get company ID

The international context is dynamic and different countries use different ways of identifying companies. For this reason, you need to look up the identifier of the company you want to submit to Workflow.
Using the Global API and the Services resource, make a request asking for the kybCompanySearch service and providing the information of the known company. You can find more details on how to make the request here.
In response, two identifiers are expected: creditReportId and businessIdentityId.
Note: not all identifiers will always be available. There are cases where only one or no bureau is compatible with the source information.

Start a Transaction

Once you have at least one identifier, you can start a transaction in the flow configured in the Set up a Workflow step.
Using the Global API and the Orchestrations resource, make a request to create a transaction.
In request’s body, enter at least one of the identifiers obtained in the "Get company ID" step.
Note: keep the same attribute name.
If successful, the ID of the newly created transaction will be available in the body of the response, in an attribute named transactionId.
You can find more details on how to create a transaction here.

Check results

Finally, once you have the transaction ID, you can retrieve the information that was requested according to the Workflow configuration created in the Set up a Workflow step.
Note: You must wait for the transaction to be processed before the data is fully available.
Alternative: Wait for a webhook update and only get the info when the transaction has an update. See more details here.
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