Onboarding is a web flow offered by CAF to obtain data and documents of people or companies, providing agility and simplicity in onboarding new users. The product was designed to fit different types of registration. Therefore, the flow/steps and layout can be fully customised according to the customer's preference. In addition, we allow the creation of unlimited onboarding templates so that they can be used for different purposes.

The end user needing to be verified will start the onboarding steps directly on CAF hosted webpage which is presented to them through a client redirect URL or alternatively via email or SMS (with the CAF registration link). When all the defined registration steps have been completed by the user, a transaction is automatically initiated with the data obtained, and call back response with the result data shall be sent to your pre-configured webhook.

Each onboarding link can be created by the API or the CAF TRUST Platform with association to an onboarding template and pre-configured service query model.

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