DeviceAnalyser (Deprecated)

Get relevant information from an iOS device.

  • Geolocation: Device Analyser is capable of obtaining geolocation data with high accuracy.

Required permissions

In the info.plist file, add the permissions below:

Instantiating the DeviceAnalyser object

First, create an object of type DeviceAnalyser. This object is for you to configure all your business rules for the SDK:

var deviceAnalyser = new DeviceAnalyserSdk.init()


Example of use

var deviceAnalyser: DeviceAnalyserSdk! // Keep the reference in your viewController

func starDeviceAnalyser(){
    self.deviceAnalyser = DeviceAnalyserSdk.init()
    self.deviceAnalyser.getLocation() {
        (location, failure) in
        // Get the location

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