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Reduce SDKs size

This page presents some elements that will reduce the size of the SDKs.

Publication form

Currently, Android provides two formats for publishing applications in the Play Store: APK and Android App Bundle. If you publish using AAB, the size of the SDK will be smaller because Dynamic Delivery technology will make available to your end user only the code directed to the device settings.
Important: if you use DocumentDetector, it is of utmost importance to publish your app via AAB, because the biggest weight of the SDK is caused by the library responsible for document recognition, where each ABI configuration is about 1 MB.

Transitive dependencies

Our SDKs use some internal dependencies, such as CameraX. If your app already uses one of our transitive dependencies, the SDK will not need to download again, reducing the final size.

Multiple SDKs

Our SDKs have a lot of common code. If you use more than one of our SDKs, the total size will not be linearly the sum of the SDKs you are using. For example, if you use all SDKs, the total size will be about ~10.5 MB, while the DocumentDetector alone is ~9.6 MB.
Last modified 11mo ago