November 01, 2023

Check out the latest updates involving new features, improvements and corrections to our products.


In this section you will find updates related to the Trust Platform.


Better user experience when access the Trust Platform.

New home screen with shortcuts to the main features of the platform, providing a better user experience upon logging into Trust Platform.


Enhancement of platform experience and understanding.

Translation adjustments for various items, including buttons, words, and phrases in the Trust Platform, both in English and Spanish.


Usability and Efficiency Enhancement for Filtering.

The search filters for workflow, person, and company ID are functioning correctly on the onboarding links page. The Workflow Builder rule filter should only retrieve rules with the exact word written in the filter.

UX corrections to improve usability.

Customers will have a better experience when searching and viewing data on KYB pages.

Standardize information presented on the Onboarding Builder screen.

Correction of translations, design system adjustments to match the standard for all screens.

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