User Onboarding

What is Caf. User Onboarding?

Caf. Onboarding aims to ensure the best possible user experience while maintaining security, with the goal of reduce dropouts and identify fraudsters and bad actors in accordance with our clients' rules and needs.

Our onboarding flows are customizable and automated for validations of Persons and Companies. Through Selfie Capture, Basic Registration Data, and Front and Back Document Photos, Caf. clients can benefit from agility, security in verifying the persons and/or company's identity, as well as increased accuracy in the onboarding processes of end customers for Caf. customers.

Furthermore, we employ artificial intelligence for Document Typing, OCR, Proof of Life, and Data Sources for the Background Check process, all in the effort to enhance the experience for both the Caf. client and the end user.

Key benefits

  1. Flexible workflows: meet your unique business needs with a simple, drag-and-drop, no-code, visual design environment.

  2. Maximize conversions: improve approval rates without compromising security to grow the business.

  3. Improve user experience: eliminate unnecessary friction, reduce false positives and create happy and loyal customers.

Starting with Caf. User Onboarding

You can find a quick start guide at Onboarding Journey.

At this moment we still have part of the journey divided between Brazil flow and Global flow. We will make clear here the differences and how to perform each one.

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