Know Your Customer - KYC

What is Caf. KYC?

In a world where trust and compliance are paramount, our KYC (Know Your Customer) solution stands as a pioneering force, leveraging advanced technology with unmatched data coverage and customizable search rules to drive customer growth and simplify complex regulatory requirements such as KYC, AML and PEP. Accurately identify risky users and make smarter decisions.

Key benefits

  1. Adaptable to your business rules: monitor important data about individuals to comply with laws and regulations, such as KYC rules, identification of PEPs/AML.

  2. Automated and personalized flow: rule flows are customized and, after being configured, follow the configured pattern, streamlining and optimizing the approval or disapproval process.

  3. Integrable with different data sources: integrate your flow with numerous databases, public or private, for more specific data and more efficient results.

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