Know Your Business - KYB

What is Caf. KYB?

In a world where trust and compliance are paramount, our KYB (Know Your Business) solution stands as a pioneering force, revolutionizing how businesses assess their potential partners. Leveraging a dynamic synergy of multiple data sources, cutting-edge technology, and intuitive design, our solution transforms the due diligence landscape.

Key benefits

  1. Comprehensive company verification: seamlessly amalgamate diverse data sources to effortlessly identify and verify the authenticity of companies. Eliminate uncertainties and reduce risks by ensuring that you only engage with legitimate and trustworthy businesses.

  2. Transparency into Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO): illuminate the corporate landscape by uncovering the individuals who stand behind the curtain. Our solution reveals Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs), providing a holistic view of the business ecosystem.

  3. Streamlined KYC.IDV workflow: experience the power of efficiency with an integrated workflow that conducts KYC (Know Your Customer) and IDV (Identity Verification) checks on individuals associated with the business. Our solution brings together critical compliance steps in a single process, expediting client onboarding.

You can find a quick start guide on how to perform a KYB Onboarding at Onboarding Journey.

Only for global clients: how to conduct a company search through API at Company Search through API and through Trust Platform at Company.

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