Query templates

CAF, by design, ensures adaptability to different types of businesses and processing flows. In this sense, we provide a menu of services, data sources and validation rules, which, when configured, represent a Query Model.
The Query Model is the basis for performing a 'transaction', and configuring this model shall be achieved through our Trust Platform.
When creating a transaction, sending the query template is not mandatory. However, we highly recommend this because its use allows future service changes by updating the hosted template and without any additional client-side integration effort.

Creating and managing templates

Through the Trust Platform, you can configure per a single query template what documents are to be accepted and which verification services will be run against each request. There are CAF pre-configured bases for the template to choose from. Otherwise, a fully custom workflow can be built from scratch to meet any onboarding and verification use cases.
Once you have created at least one query template, within the Trust Platform you can check copy the sample code for minimum data submission requirements to execute services associated with the other template models configured.
Click on the setting button (gear icon) within the client navigation area and select 'API Integration'. Here in the 'Integration Guide' area, you can easily find the templateId for every Query Template you have active and assign a static webhook URL per template.